It appears that Remedy recorded a part of Quantum Break’s ending with an unregistered version of FRAPS

Quantum Break was released on Steam a couple of days ago, and  a minor – but hilarious – mishap has just surfaced. As it was revealed, a part from the ending of Quantum Break – in both its Steam and Win10 versions – was recorded with an… unregistered version of FRAPS.

The one who discovered this mishap was YouTube’s ‘Piotr Swat’. Piotr Swat recorded the following video with Shadowplay, and you can notice the sudden appearance of FRAPS’ watermark.

In case you weren’t aware of, those using an unregistered version of FRAPS are getting a watermark (the full url of FRAPS’ website at the top center of the screen) while recording a video.

We seriously don’t know how or why Remedy resolved into something like that, however this made us laugh hard. From the looks of it, Remedy recorded a small part of the game’s ending with the unregistered version of FRAPS.

The video file in question is named ‘cine_63_400_420_450_4k.bk2’, and those owning the game can open it and see for themselves the FRAPS watermark.

Below you can find two videos, showcasing this silly mistake in both the Steam and the Win10 versions of Quantum Break (skip at the 25:22 mark in the second video).


Quantum Break - Fraps watermark on Ending?

QUANTUM BREAK 100% Complete - ENDING - PC Gameplay Walkthrough - 1080p 60fps