Reflex – Old-School Arena Shooter – Available On Steam Via Early Access Program

Turbo Reflex announced today the release of its old-school arena shooter, Reflex, on Steam via its Early Access program. According to the team, the current version on Steam is very much a prototype that can be played in multiplayer mode and comes with a multiplayer map editor, replay editor, ffa/duel/tdm gamemodes.

The final version of Reflex will pack all the aforementioned features, as well as customizations, bots, stats, matchmaking, multiview, CTF/arena/other gamemodes, as well as a training mode.

Reflex is basically a competitive Arena FPS that combines modern tech with the speed, precision and freedom of a 90s shooter. The game has been inspired by classic arena shooters like Quake 3.

Enjoy and kudos to PCGamer for spotting it!

Reflex Movement Overview


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