Raven’s Cry Is Now Planned For A December 16th Release

Man, things are not looking good for Reality Pump and its pirate-themed RPG, Raven’s Cry. The game has been delayed numerous times and while it was meant to hit digital and retail stores this October, it got delayed once again.

The game is currently slated for a December 16th release. Surprisingly enough, Reality Pump and Topware Interactive did not issue any press release about this new delay. For what is worth, Topware Interactive did inform us about the previous delay, so it makes you wonder why the game was pushed back two months.

Raven’s Cry will be an action third-person title with various RPG elements, meaning that there will be a complex game skill system and modifications for all the ships in the game, which can be designed to influence the reputation of the individual sailor with the groups and enemies in the Caribbean.

Raven’s Cry was originally planned for an October 24th, 2013, release but got delayed until May 7th, 2014. The game was then delayed – yet again – to October 14th, 2014, and is now planned for a December 16th release.

In short, this title was meant to hit stores last year, so it will be interesting to see whether it will be able to keep up with all current-gen games, or whether it will look really outdated from the get-go.