Never Alone – Update 1.1 Detailed

E-Line has also released details of its recent version 1.1 patch for the PC Steam release of Never Alone. According to the team, there are some AI improvements to your companions, the difficulty in latter levels has been rebalanced, and there have been numerous control improvements. As always, this update will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and below you can view its complete changelog.

Never Alone – Update 1.1 Changelog:

•    In single-player mode, the character you’re not controlling will behave more intelligently
•    The difficulty of the last few chapters of the game is more balanced with earlier chapters
•    General control improvements
•    It will be harder to accidentally switch to co-op mode when using the keyboard
•    Fixes to address Save Game issues
•    Fixed a bug where Never Alone would fail to launch when Steam was in Offline Mode
•    In addition, the patch includes a new key-binding text file that is optimized for play on AZERTY and DVORAK keyboards.