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Red Dead Redemption Lead Multiplayer Designer – There Was Never An Intention To Have RDR PC

It’s no secret that a lot of PC gamers wished for a PC version of Red Dead Redemption. And while Rockstar never really commented on this, Red Dead Redemption’s Lead Multiplayer Designer, Kris Roberts, admitted that there was never an intention to have a Read Dead Redemption PC version.

As Kris Roberts claimed (26:19 in the following video):

“I don’t think there was ever an intention to have a PC version of Red Dead Redemption. I was actually really shocked that they did a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Obviously in development, we were all PC based and had it running for win32 clients for the entire development. But as far as the licensing for the consoles and stuff, it was pretty much always going to be an X360 and PS3 title… we never really seriously talked about optimizing it for PC.”

And that is that. Whether a remaster of Red Dead Redemption will hit current-gen consoles and PC remains to be seen. However, it’s pretty much crystal clear that Rockstar never even thought of bringing Red Dead Redemption to the PC!