RAGE – No Advanced Graphics Options for the PC version

Lets face it, iD Software are the daddies of PC shooters. Thanks to them, we got some of the most amazing games and engines. So it comes as no surprise to be literally shocked with the company’s decision to exclude any advanced graphical options in the PC version of RAGE. Yeap, you read that right. RAGE PC does not feature advanced graphical options.
That was revealed by iD Software’s Tim Willits, Lead Designer of RAGE. According to Tim, iD Tech 5 scales automatically with the user’s system and takes advantage of its resources, while trying at the same time to retain the 60fps mark. The only available options will be; resolution, brightness, anti-aliasing and GPU transcoding.
As Tim Willits explained:
“This is a feature of the id Tech 5. The Engine automatically adjusts to your hardware to ensure the best performance and graphics the hardware can provide.
For example: You have a video card with 512MB VRAM, 4GB of normal RAM and a decent processor. Now the id Tech 5 adjusts the quality of the Level of Detail to the available resources. If you have twice the RAM the engine scales dynamically up to it, improves the textures and objects in the far look sharper and more detailed. At the same time the engines tries to keep running at 60 FPS even though this is not also possible – dependent on the situation.”
Seriously now, what was iD Software thinking? First was Crytek with its simplified graphics options and now iD Software?
How the mighty have fallen indeed!