Radeon R9 290Xtreme Announced, New 16GB DDR5 Dual-GPU To Rival Nvidia’s Titan Z, Will Cost $3399

AMD has just announced a new high-end GPU that will rival Nvidia’s recently announced dual-card, Titan Z. According to the red team, the card will pack 16GB of DDR5, 6156 cores, and two overclocked Hawaii XT chips. Clearly this GPU will be a top high-end product, however it comes with insane PSU requirements and price.

As AMD claimed, this new GPU will require 2000Watts. Yeap, that’s something that was rumored for Nvidia’s upcoming Titan Z card but while Nvidia has not confirmed that, AMD went ahead and admitted that a really powerful PSU will be required.

Furthermore, the card will be priced at $3399. That’s $399 more than Nvidia’s Titan Z, so let’s hope that it will be worth the price difference.

AMD also revealed that Mantle 2 will be released alongside this new GPU, though it will require Windows 8 and above. As the red team noted, Mantle 2 will be based on DX11.1 and will further explore the CPU improvements that Microsoft’s API brought to the table.

Let the high-end dual-GPU war begin!

Obviously this is an April’s fools joke. If you highlighted the text, congratulations. Here is something special for you. We came up with a price in order to stay ‘true’ and ‘close’ (after some math calculations) to my nickname. 3399 = 3+3+9+9 = 24 = 4-2 = 2 = john2. Have fun and spread the word of the R9 290Xtreme so we can see whether others will be fooled.