Alan Wake feature

Quantum Break was originally meant to be Alan Wake 2

In an interview with Eurogamer, Remedy’s Sam Lake revealed that Quantum Break was originally meant to be a new part in the Alan Wake series. As such, Alan Wake 2 would have been an episodic game with live action episodes in between. 

As Sam Lake told Eurogamer:

“In the early concept of Alan Wake 2 that we took to Microsoft … there was the idea of it being episodic and in between having live action episodes. That part they loved. They were like, ‘This is a keeper but… we are looking for a new IP.’ They wanted to own that. Alan Wake is ours so that was off the table, so it needed to be something else.”

In order to keep the IP rights to the Alan Wake franchise, Remedy decided to create a new game for Microsoft (who would own the IP), and that was Quantum Break.

Sam Lake also confirmed that Remedy’s unannounced project, P7, has nothing to do with the Alan Wake series. Still, Sam Lake would love to return to it.

“We are not making Alan Wake 2 at the moment. We own Alan Wake, I feel there is value in Alan Wake, I would love to do more Alan Wake, but these things, they are more than just creative ideas: there is a business side to it. There are many things that need to click into place to make it possible.”