Quantum Break runs significantly faster on NVIDIA’s hardware in DX11

Quantum Break has just been released on Steam and it appears that this particular version runs way better on NVIDIA’s hardware than its DX12 brother. According to various reports, the Steam version can be up to 30% faster than the W10 version on NVIDIA’s GPUs, something that does not really surprise us.

In case you weren’t aware of, the Steam version only supports DX11. Remedy claimed that it was more comfortable¬†with this API, which is why it decided to focus on it for this Steam release.

Given the fact that there are no visual differences between the DX11 and the DX12 versions, Quantum Break also proves that most current DX12 games are nothing special. In theory DX12 can benefit a lot of PC games, especially during CPU-heavy scenarios. However, most current DX12 games are not actually taking advantage of its capabilities, resulting in underwhelming performance.

Below you can find some comparison videos between the DX11 and the DX12 versions of Quantum Break!

Quantum Break PC: Better on DirectX 11! GTX 970/1060 vs RX 480 Gameplay Frame-Rate Tests

Quantum Break Steam DX11 Vs Windows DX12 Frame Rate Comparison

Quantum Break GTX 1060 6GB OC DX 11 vs DX12 | 1080p Upscaling OFF | FRAME-RATE TEST COMPARISON