Quakecon Pack 2011 For Sale On Steam

Great news for all those iD Software and Bethesda fans that wanted to get their games but waited patiently for a special discount, as the companies released a massive pack that contains all of their games at over 75% off. This pack, called Quakecon Pack 2011, will be available untill August 8th 10am PDT.
The pack contains lots of games and will cost you 69,99€ instead of 493,66€. You basically save 86%, so make sure to check it out at the pack’s Steam Page.
Moreoever, those who pre-ordered RAGE or Skyrim will save an additional 20% off the Quakecon Pack and in case they decide to pre-purchase both of them, they will save up to an additional 40% off!

Last but not least, Brink is 50% off and available to play for FREE this weekend, starting now through Sunday at 1pm PDT.