Quake 2 RTX patch 1.1.0 adds music playback & invert mouse support, tweaks tone mapper and more

Lightspeed Studios has released the first update for the RTX version of id Software’s classic shooter, Quake 2. A lot of players complained about the lack of music in Quake 2 and we are happy to report that Quake 2 RTX version 1.1.0 adds music playback support, thus making it the definitive version of Quake 2.

As Lightspeed Studios noted:

“Quake II RTX supports music playback from OGG files, if they can be located. To enable music playback, copy the CD tracks into a music folder either next to the executable, or inside the game directory, such as baseq2/music. The files should use one of these two naming schemes:

music/02.ogg for music copied directly from a game CD;
music/Track02.ogg for music from the version of Quake II downloaded from GOG.
In the game, music playback is enabled when console variable ogg_enable is set to 1. Music volume is controlled by console varaible ogg_volume. Playback controls, such as selecting the track or putting it on pause, are available through the ogg command.

Music playback support is using code adapted from the Yamagi Quake 2 engine.”

Furthermore, this first patch adds an option to invert mouse controls, tweaks the tone mapper to make really dark places brighter, adds limits for sky brightness to avoid denoiser artifacts when the sky is too bright and fixes the image blurring on FOV changes.

As always, Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client, and you can find its complete changelog below.

Quake 2 RTX Patch 1.1.0 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Added music playback support – see the Readme[github.com] for instructions.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed the crash with message “recursive error: bad tail” that sometimes happened at the end of the biggun map.
  • Fixed the issue with players spawning at the wrong level entrance after loading an autosave.
  • Fixed the Linux install script to work with spaces in paths.
  • Fixed the interpretation of pt_fake_roughness_threshold.
  • Fixed the bright noise that appeared at the end of the hangar2 map after closing the hangar doors.
  • Fixed the image blurring on FOV changes.
  • Added limits for sky brightness to avoid denoiser artifacts when the sky is too bright.

Other Improvements:

  • Re-arranged some menu options to make the menu less confusing.
  • Added the player models from the Quake II shareware demo to the package.
  • Added a menu option to invert mouse controls.
  • Enabled cl_adjustfov by default because that works better for wide screens.
  • Tweaked the tone mapper to make really dark places brighter.