Doom feature v2

Prodoomer is a new total conversion for Doom featuring RPG elements, new maps, weapons & enemies

Leandro Andres P. V. has informed us about a new total conversion mod for Doom, called Prodoomer. Prodoomer features RPG elements as players can buy skills from vendors and use them in battles, and comes with new weapons, enemies and maps.

Leandro suggests using Gzdoom 2.2.0 as newer versions of it may introduce errors and compatibility issues.

Do note that there is also an unfixable bug related to morphactor and unmorphactor. The bug causes Dash to turn into Raynor forever, thus being unable to pick up items.

This bug happens during Cutscene1 (prologue) when the message “Meanwhile Dash…” appears. In order to prevent this bug from ruining the game, players are asked to avoid pressing any button (buttons to move, crouch, fire your weapons, or change their weapons) during this message.

Those interested can download the latest version of Prodoomer from here.