Prince of Persia Remake is, laughably, still in a conception stage

Ubisoft has just revealed that the remake of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time won’t be present at Ubisoft Forward, and that it’s still in a conception stage.

Ubisoft was planning to release this remake in 2021. However, and after numerous delays, the game is still in a conception stage. This basically means that its development hasn’t started yet, which is as laughable as it can get.

The last time we heard about this remake was in June 2021. Back then, Ubisoft claimed that it was targeting a 2022 release date. Ubisoft was claiming that its development team was making “great progress“. However, after two whole years, it appears that they have simply fucked it up. And I’m using this term because I don’t really know what to say if the game is still in its conception stage. Yeah, great progress guys.

At this point, I’m also worried about the Splinter Cell Remake. In November 2022, Ubisoft shared a concept artwork from it. And… well… that was it. Ubisoft has also stated that it’s developing this Splinter Cell game for a modern audience, so let’s also keep that in mind.

Another game that has been in development hell is Skull & Bones. Yesterday, three new screenshots were leaked from its Closed Beta phase, and they weren’t looking promising. And don’t get me started about Beyond Good & Evil 2.

In short, don’t expect to be playing Prince of Persia Remake and Splinter Cell Remake anytime soon, if at all!