Post-apocalyptic adventure game, Beautiful Desolation, is free to own on GOG

GOG is currently giving away the latest post-apocalyptic adventure game from the makers of STASIS and CAYNE, Beautiful Desolation. For the next 70 hours, PC gamers can visit the game’s GOG store page and acquire their free copy.

Beautiful Desolation continues The Brotherhood’s 2D isometric adventure game aesthetic and delves into a post-apocalyptic world set in the distant future. Players can explore the iconic landscape, solve puzzles, meet new friends and make powerful enemies. Players will also mediate conflicts and fight for their life as they unravel the secrets of the world around them.

You can acquire your free copy from here. Below you can also find the game’s key features.

  • A story-driven adventure set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future.
  • A unique aesthetic and 2D isometric rendered and painted environments.
  • Simple Point & Click interaction with deep puzzles.
  • Classic puzzles and adventure gameplay.
  • Bizarre creatures, animals and vibrant characters await.
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue with multiple conversation paths.
  • Tomes of lore and a world, unlike anything you have seen before.
  • Over 40 Unique Characters to meet.

Have fun!

Beautiful Desolation