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Portal: One More Slice – Graphical Overhaul Mod – Updates Visuals To Portal 2’s Standards

Our reader ‘Dirty Dan’ has informed us about a new graphical mod for Portal that updates its textures with new ones that are almost as good as those found in Portal 2. Basically, this is a collection of textures released for Portal by a number of modders and as Dirty Dan noted, this collection brings Portal to Portal 2 standards.

So I compiled my personal favorites mods and skins that, in my opinion, make this classic look updated and have a bit more continuity with Portal 2’s look.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Dirty Dan has also provided a fix for the Player Model Weapon Glitch.

Here are some installation instructions for both the Player Model Weapon Glitch and the mod itself:


-Make sure to enable the beta version of Portal
-place “custom” folder inĀ “common\Portal\portal”
-add “+mat_dxlevel 98” to launch options.
-To get the same fov as in my screens type these into the dev console in game:
-sv_cheats 1
-viewmodel_fov 70

Player Model Weapon Glitch:

-go to the custom folder
-go to portal 2\models
-delete the weapons folder and replace it with the one provided.

And here is a before and after comparison to get an idea of the graphical difference between the vanilla (left) and the modded (right) versions of Portal.