DokeV new feature

Pokemon-inspired DokeV is no longer an MMO, gets an amazing gamescom 2021 trailer

Pearl Abyss has released an amazing new gamescom 2021 gameplay trailer for its upcoming Pokemon-inspired open-world creature collecting game, DokeV. In addition, the company revealed that the game is no longer an MMO, something that will please a lot of PC gamers.

This new gameplay trailer showed a vibrant open world in which players can collect creatures called Dokebi. The trailer showed also many of the game’s core features. For instance, we can see its real-time combat system, boss fights and diverse methods of transportation. Furthermore, the trailer showed other interesting features such as fishing activities and special gear that have a unique effect on gameplay.

Sangyoung Kim, Lead Producer at Pearl Abyss said:

“Although the DokeV project is still under development, we are very proud of what we have been able to show you today. We feel confident to meet and exceed your expectations. We at Pearl Abyss are excited to see your reactions and hope that you look forward to DokeV.”

DokeV is a creature-collecting open-world action-adventure game where players collect whimsical creatures, called Dokebi. These legendary creatures from Korean mythology and folklore live harmoniously together with humans and help encourage dreams from which they gain strength. They represent all worldly passions and dreams of humans and can provide courage and strength to humans they actively support.

DokeV encourages an open play style and exploration. The game will feature a beautifully designed open world that is full of wonder. This world will allow players to engage in a host of exciting activities with their collected Dokebi.


DokeV - World Premiere Gameplay Trailer | gamescom 2021