Pillars Of Eternity feature

Pillars of Eternity & Cities: Skylines Have Generated $18.5 Million in Just Three Weeks

Paradox Interactive must be really proud these days as it has published two of the best selling titles of these past months. And as Paradox’s CEO Fredrik Wester claimed, these two titles have generated 18.5 million dollars in the past three weeks, thus making them their fastest selling games.

“It’s great fun. Hadn’t Cities: Skylines already broken all our records, then Pillars of Eternity certainly would have. One can certainly say this has been a crazy March” said Fredrik Wester and continued:

“For us the deal with Obsidian is about a long-term commitment. It’s a prestigious assignment with a studio we’ve long wanted to work with. And I think we’ve shown that we’ve coped with the task well. I do profit off of this, but it obviously isn’t anywhere near the earnings we’ve gotten from Cities: Skylines. On the other hand, profit was never the main point: this shows that we have the competence to publish really big game titles in the genres we work with.”

This is definitely good news for all PC gamers (and small development studios) as the commercial success of both Cities: Skylines and Pillars of Eternity shows how versatile the PC platform actually is. Not only that, but their success also proves that such ‘niche’ games can be successful (provided the developers are given freedom to create what they really want).

Kudos to Swedish website ‘IDG‘ for reporting the news and Reddit’s member ‘Meneth‘ for properly translating the story.