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PC Is The Second Most Successful Platform For Ubisoft In Q1 2015/16

Ubisoft has shared its sales figures for the fiscal quarter ended June 30th. And what’s really interesting here is that the PC platform has managed to top almost every other platform. While the PC was previously the fourth most successful platform, it is now the second most successful one, being only 4% behind PS4.

As we can clearly see below, in Q1 2014/2015, only 14% of Ubisoft’s sales came from the PC. In Q1 2015/2016, however, the PC sales were raised to 23%. As a result of that, the PC has managed to top PS3, X360 and Xbox One.


PS4 remains the most successful platform for Ubisoft, though the gap between the PC and PS4 has narrowed. While PS4 enjoyed a 36% of Ubisoft’s sales, it has now dropped to 27%.

This clearly proves that PC is a viable platform for Ubisoft. Whether this will translate to better optimized PC titles in the future remains to be seen.

For what is worth, Ubisoft’s sales for the first quarter of fiscal 2015-16 came to €96,6 million. This figure was a result to a strong 59.3% increase in back-catalog sales to €91.6 million, led in particular by Assassin’s Creed: Unity and followed by Far Cry 4, The Crew and Watch_Dogs.