PC gamers, meet Super Crossfire; an arcade shoot em up that is similar to Space Invaders

It’s really hard to get an arcade shooter right but Radiangames has nailed it. Super Crossfire is an intense shooter for PC and MAC with an innovative twist: Players can warp between the bottom and top of the screen at anytime. Super Crossfire takes the classic Space Invaders formula and ups the ante with a massive upgrade system, intense gameplay, visuals, and audio, and a huge variety of enemy types.
The game includes 150+ waves with multiple difficulty levels, online leaderboards, is a great looker and addictive as hell.
Those interested can purchase it via the Indie Royale game bundle, which will only cost you 3.28 euros. Alongside Super Crossfire, you’ll get Nuclear Dawn, Max & The Magic Marker and Fractal.
Super Crossfire PC/MAC Trailer