PC Gamers Meet Quadrant – New First-person Survival Indie Horror Game

Max Halcomb has informed us about a new first-person survival indie horror game called Quadrant. This game is developed by HKFiftyOne Game, an indie studio that was behind Imbalance and Cold Fusion.

Quadrant is said to be a first-person survival indie horror game, taking place in 1979, inside a classified NASA research center. Gameplay will be overall based on the concept of a story driven game with the twist of a multi-linear experience. You, as a player, must rely on your own wit, you control your own fate.

“The game is based off of, and inspired by, a note that was given to us by an anonymous source. It was ours to use any way we liked. Our imaginations started filling in the blanks, and thus, Quadrant was born.”

Quadrant is currently planned for an August 2014 release on PC & Mac.


QUADRANT Teaser Trailer - HKFiftyOne Games 2014

QUADRANT Teaser Trailer 2 - HKFiftyOne Games 2014