PC Fan Attacks Bethesda’s PR For X360 Skyrim DLC Exclusivity, Dragonborn Comes To PC On February 5

Skyrim v7
Bethesda has revealed that Dragonborn, the latest DLC of Skyrim, will hit the PC on February 5th. With this new DLC, players will encounter new towns, dungeons, and quests, as they traverse the ash wastes and glacial valleys of this new land. In addition, they will become more powerful with shouts that bend the will of their enemies and even tame dragons.
As you may already know, this DLC has been available for quite some time on X360. Bethesda has signed an exclusivity deal with Microsoft and as a result of that, all DLCs for Skyrim got, get, and will get released earlier on Microsoft’s console.
Naturally, some PC gamers got annoyed by all this and one of them decided to attack Bethesda’s PR manager, Pete Hines. When Pete Hines revealed that PS3 owners would be getting a discount on all upcoming DLCs for Skyrim (hint: Dawnguard has not been released yet on PS3 and will come alongside Dragonborn), a fan asked whether PC gamers would be also getting a discount.
As the fan said:
“Do PC users get discounts to make up for the extraordinary and repeated DLC delays? Or are we just second-class customers?”
Hines responded that there was a Steam discount on Skyrim a couple of days ago, however the fan was wondering about the DLC and not the actual game, and continued:
“All PC DLC has been at least one month late – two in Dragonborn’s case. Late but full price release == less value for patronage.”
Hines then responded and said that he didn’t agree with this logic and that Bethesda had released the creation kit, implemented user mod support, and workshop integration exclusively for PC gamers.
The fan took it a bit further, stating that he too doesn’t agree with the “Consoles first,”policy of Bethesda as an owner of the PC Collector’s Edition and concluded that ‘there’s no good reason for these delays‘.
As we’ve said and before, gaming is not what it was back in the days and both publishers and developers have to sign exclusivity deals to earn more money. Unfortunately, that’s how things work and even though we all know that this was the reason behind the PC delays, we’d appreciated if publishers were actually honest with their fans.
But then again, such a stance could very well backfire. After all, we’ve seen it happening in the past. PC fans would accuse Bethesda of being traitors and treating PC gamers as second class gamers. And so on and so forth.
In our opinion, it’s time both sides grow up. But that’s a bold move, that currently none is willing to take.