PC Becomes a Viable Platform for Konami, Unit Sales Increased by 8%, Performing Better than Xbox One

Konami has announced financial results for its fiscal 2015 first quarter ended December 31st. According to the Japanese publisher, its PC sales increased by 8%, surpassing even those of Xbox One. Konami’s best selling platforms are still Sony’s consoles, however we can now safely say that PC is a viable platform for Konami.

According to Konami’s results, PC sales accounted for 10%¬†of total units sold (last year’s PC sales accounted for only 2%). Therefore, the PC platform was able to surpass Xbox One (and all handheld consoles) and is now head to head with X360.

Good news also for all Metal Gear fans as the latest part of the Metal Gear Solid franchise (which is basically a demo but let’s overlook that) has sold solid. As Konami noted, the game’s sales on the PC were solid, though the Japanese publisher did not reveal any sales figures. Still, this proves that it was a wise decision to bring a polished version of it was well worth it.

All in all, it’s good witnessing such a significant increase. It will now be interesting to see whether Konami will put even more effort on its PC titles, and whether the PC version of The Phantom Pain will be released alongside the console versions.