Overkill Offering Their Newest Payday 2 DLC for Free for Australians

Last year Payday 2 developers Overkill teamed up with the developers for Hotline Miami to bring a Hotline Miami themed DLC for a little extra taste of the old ultra violence. This DLC was received highly from the community despite one of the requirements for purchasing the DLC was owning Hotline Miami.

It comes as no surprise that with the upcoming release of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on March 10th that Overkill would be once again releasing another Hotline Miami themed DLC, but here’s where the issues arise. A few weeks ago it was announced that Hotline Miami 2 would be banned in Australia because of its questionable content. This poses an issue for Australian gamers who want to purchase the newest Payday 2 DLC. Well OVerkill has a solution.

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If you can prove that you are an Australian citizen then Overkill will send you a copy of their newest DLC pro bono. With many developers as of late choosing to line their pockets at gamer’s expense, it is nice to see developers like Overkill and Dennaton Games looking after the players.

Matt Followell

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