Only in BF3 Video Community Challenge ends; here are the ten most epic videos

DICE’s ‘Only in Battlefield 3’ Video Community is approaching towards its end and the company has picked up the ten most epic videos from it. Benzla, TonyTheYouTuba, Stungravy’s awesome RendeZook video, Drummercd4, sloanbone2006, ImMonkeyGod, aaronlawd, 1967Cohen, DGVET71, and 2cgamingvids are those with the best videos and their works can be viewed bellow. Enjoy!
Only in Battlefield 3 - TonyTheTuba

Battlefield 3 Today: The Experience - Back To Karkand Jet Stunts | Edited by 1ron-tjunfisk

RendeZook (Only in Battlefield 3 Edit)

Battlefield 3 Dual Jet Efficiency

Battlefield 3 - The Rush

Only in Battlefield - imMonkeyGOD's entry

Battlefield 3 gulf of oman F35 hit and run

Only In Battlefield 3: C4-You on The Battlefield. Community Video Challenge

Only in Battlefield 3 - JET VS SNIPER - =DOF=DGVET

Battlefield 3 epic moments : epic jet flyby and a near crash (Jet drifting)