Oculus Rift-Enabled “World of Diving” Gets New Screenshots, First Playable Build Available

Vertigo Games has released some new screenshots for World of Diving. In addition, the company announced that the game’s Stage 0 build is now available. World of Diving’s Stage 0 is a playable build that supports both the Oculus Rift and a traditional monitor. This early build lets players dive in with up to 4 friends, to give their customized character a spin in their own personal diving base, and to get a first taste of what the upcoming underwater experience will entail.

Richard Stitselaar, Creative Director at Vertigo Games, said:

“Launching an early, scalable build in this fashion allows a small studio such as ours to stagger the release in manageable chunks, while at the same time giving our ever-growing community the chance to get involved in a transparent and open development process from very early on.

Stage 0 serves to give players an impression of they can expect from World of Diving in the future – and a way for us to start an open, informed dialogue with our enthusiastic, resourceful community.”


WoD_Stage 0_Scr01WoD_Stage 0_Scr02WoD_Stage 0_Scr03