Obsidian Is Already Working on the First Expansion for Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity releases next week and Obsidian Entertainment is already working on the game’s first expansion. In a Reddit AMA, Adam Brennecke, executive producer and lead programmer at Obsidian, said that a small team has already started working on it.

Moreover, Brennecke claimed that this expansion will be about the same size area wise as Baldur’s Gate “Tales of the Sword Coast” expansion.

As Brennecke said:

“We are looking at doing an expansion that’s about the same size (area wise) of Tales of the Sword Coast. I won’t reveal much about it since it’s early in development, but we’ve already have a small team working on areas and environments while the rest of the team focus on shipping the game. We will announcing more things about it over the next few months.”

Pillars of Eternity is currently planned for release on March 26th!