Nvidia’s Ira FaceWork Tech Demo Is Now Available

Splendid news for all Nvidia users, as the green company has made its amazing FaceWork Tech Demo available to the public. Nvidia users can download and play with this interactive demo to see Ira immersed in three different lighting environments. Users will be also able to adjust his skin rendering to see the effect of sub surface light transmission through his skin.
According to its description, this demonstration highlights the state of the art in performance capture. All Ira”s motions were acted out in a “light stage” at the Institute for Creative Technology at USC. The team there headed by Dr. Paul Debevec is able to photographically capture facial geometry, surface detail, and lighting information of an actor without any of the traditional tricks of face markers or special makeup.
This tech demo is 309MB in size, supports DX11 cards only, and can be downloaded from Nvidia’s official website or from Guru3D.
SLI owners will have to force AFR2 in order to take advantage of their multi-GPU systems.
Enjoy (we’ve also included below a video from our reader Justin)!

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