Nvidia’s G-Sync Monitor Will Launch In Q2 2014 From Multiple Manufacturers, Three Models Announced

During its CES 2014 press conference, Nvidia revealed that its highly anticipated G-Sync monitors will launch in Q2 2014 from multiple manufacturers. Asus, Acer, BENQ, Philips, ViewSonic and AOC will be the ones that will manufacture Nvidia’s monitors.

In addition, Nvidia unveiled the first three G-Sync monitors. PC gamers will be able to choose between 24″ and 27″ monitors. The 24″ monitors will support native 1080p, while the 27″ monitors will come in two versions; one will support 1080p while the other one will support 1440p.

All of the aforementioned monitors are planned for a Q2 2014 release. No specific dates were given, but we can expect to see the 27″ 1440p monitor launching at the end of it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!