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NVIDIA teases something “super”, could be hinting at a Turing refresh graphics card

We all know that AMD will reveal its new NAVI graphics cards at Computex 2019 and E3 2019. However, and in an attempt to still its thunder, NVIDIA has just released a teaser trailer for something “super.”

NVIDIA has not revealed anything other than this teaser trailer. Our guess is that the green team will reveal this “super” and special “thing” at Computex 2019 (it makes sense as Computex 2019 begins on May 28th).

We’ve heard various rumours in the past, with some suggesting that NVIDIA is working on a Turing refresh GPU. This refresh card will be slightly faster than what is currently available on the market, with faster GDDR6 and slightly better specifications.

However, I’m almost certain that the green team will not target the high-end market this time around. Right now, the RTX2080 is still faster than the Radeon VII and comes with more features than AMD’s counter-part. As for the RTX2080Ti… well… that GPU does not have any direct competitor and AMD does not plan to release a GPU that is more powerful than the Radeon VII, which means that RTX2080Ti will remain the fastest gaming GPU (unless NVIDIA attempts to rival itself with a new refresh).

Hopefully we’ll have more to share in the coming days so stay tuned for more. Until then, enjoy the following teaser trailer!

Something super is coming…