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NVIDIA Reveals New Features Coming In GeForce Experience

NVIDIA has released a new video, revealing some of the new features that will be coming in GeForce Experience. According to the green team, in September an Early Access Beta of GeForce Experience will be launched that will give gamers early access to new GeForce Experience Share features ahead of general public release.

This first Early Access Beta release will feature a new Overlay functionality for Shadowplay, as well as support for GameStream Co-op.

Via the first feature, players will be able to access Shadowplay’s features in-game, and they will easily upload their videos while playing a game.

The second feature is by far the most impressive. Via GameStream Co-op, players will be able to stream their game over the Internet to a friend and play together cooperatively.

“Using Gamestream Co-op, you can now get help on a tough level, play in co-op mode, or just do a real-time 1:1 live stream with your friend.”

It definitely sounds cool, so it will be interesting to see how this new feature will work in real-time conditions.


GeForce Experience Early Access Share Beta: New Features Rundown