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NVIDIA officially hints at the GeForce RTX 2080 with its latest Gamescom 2018 video

At SIGGRAPH 2018, NVIDIA officially revealed the Quadro RTX graphics cards, confirming the story we shared a few days ago. And while these beast GPUs do not target gamers, the green team has released a new video dedicated to gamers that clearly hints at the GeForce RTX 2080.

For starters, NVIDIA’s latest video starts and ends with some sneak peeks/shots of a graphics card. Our guess is that this is a hint at the new consumer version of the Turing GPU that NVIDIA has been working on.

Okay, this could very well be from the GeForce GTX1080Ti, right? Well NVIDIA did drop some more hints at its upcoming gaming GPU.  For example, a Discord user is named “RoyTeX” (after the new Quadro GPUs being named Quadro RTX, we can safely now say that the next GeForce GPUs will be called GeForce RTX). But perhaps the biggest hint comes at the end of the video.

NVIDIA re-confirms in this video that it will show more on August 20th during its pre-Gamescom event, however the order that the numbers come up at the end is particularly interesting as they form the number 2080. Knowing NVIDIA, this is not a mere coincidence and is an obvious hint at the name of its upcoming GPU.

You can watch NVIDIA’s video below. We’re pretty sure that NVIDIA has included more hints in this video so can you spot them?