Half Life 2 RTX Remix

NVIDIA has just announced Half Life 2 RTX Remix

NVIDIA has just announced the next game that will take advantage of RTX Remix with full path tracing, and that game is no other than Half Life 2. Yeap, Half-Life 2 with full path tracing will be actually a thing, and below you can find its first trailer.

As NVIDIA ntoed, Half-Life 2 RTX is an RTX Remix Project that is being developed by four of Half-Life 2’s top mod teams, now known as Orbifold Studios.

Going into more details, Orbifold Studios will rebuild materials with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) properties, and add extra geometric detail via Valve’s Hammer editor. In Half-Life 2 RTX, average world textures have 8X the pixels, and assets like the suit feature 20X the geometric detail of the original game.

Half-Life 2 RTX Remix will support DLSS 3, Reflex and RTX IO. NVIDIA has not clarified whether this project will support the latest version of DLSS 3, DLSS 3.5.

Do note, however, that Half Life 2 RTX is still in an early development phase. As such, you should not be expecting to be playing it anytime soon.

In a way, we are not really shocked by this RTX Remix Project. After all, this is coming right after the releases of Portal RTX and Portal Prelude RTX.

Speaking of RTX Remix Mods, I’d personally really love to see Doom 3 RTX or Unreal RTX. These two games should greatly benefit from a fully path-traced renderer.

But anyway, enjoy the following video and stay tuned for more!

Half-Life 2 RTX, An RTX Remix Project - Announce Trailer