NVIDIA GTX980 Will Cost $549 & NVIDIA GTX970 Will Cost $329, Available From Today

NVIDIA has just announced that GTX980 will cost %549 while its little brother (the GTX970) will cost $329. The green team claimed that these cards will be available for purchase starting Friday, September 19th. Moreover, the GTX980 will come with 4GB of VRAM, 2048 Steam processors and a 165W PSU requirement.

Here are the full details for Maxwell:

maxwell details


A lot of benchmark websites have released their reviews for both the GTX980 and the GTX970, so be sure to visit them.

As we’ve already said, Maxwell will support DX12, VXGI (Voxel Global Illumination), MFAA (Multi-Frame Anti-Aliasing) that offers quality similar to MSAA 4X but has the performance impact of MSAA 2X, and Dynamic Super Resolution (NVIDIA’s downsampling method).

maxwell 1maxwell 2maxwell 3MFAAVXGI

NVIDIA has also revealed some benchmarks that can be viewed below.

GeForce Tech Demo: DSR