NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti unable to run Darksiders 3 with 60fps on Epic/Max settings in 4K

Darksiders 3 releases tomorrow and THQ Nordic has provided a PC review code for our PC Performance Analysis purposes. And as always, we initially tested our NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti in 4K on Max/Epic settings in order to capture some 4K screenshots and see how this high-end GPU performs on this particular title.

NVIDIA’s most powerful graphics card is simply unable to run Darksiders 3 in 4K on Epic settings with 60fps. During our playthrough, we experienced drops to mid-50s and there were some scenes in which our framerate dropped to 40-44fps. Even when we lowered our in-game Anti-Aliasing option (it appears to be a post-process AA that comes with Low, Medium, High and Epic settings) to Low we were still unable to get a constant 60fps experience.

As you will see, Darksiders 3 looks great in 4K but its GPU requirements do not justify these framerate drops, especially when Battlefield 5 – and other more impressive titles – can run in 4K on Mac settings and with more than 60fps.

The game is also locked at 62fps and is one of the few titles that feels choppy even at 57fps. We’ve seen games that can look relatively smooth at 55-59fps but Darksiders 3 is not one of them. We’ve also talked to other publications who are experiencing similar framerate drops on their RTX2080Ti graphics cards so no, this is not just us experiencing this underwhelming performance.

We don’t know whether Gunfire Games will improve the game’s performance via a post-launch patch, though we’ll be sure to test the final/released build for our PC Performance Analysis article. Until then, enjoy the following screenshots!