Nvidia GeForce 326.41 Beta – Fixes Game Crashes, Improves Metro: Last Light’s DLC Performance

Nvidia Kepler
Nvidia has released a new beta driver for its graphics cards. According to its release notes, this new driver addresses the crashes that were spotted in games like Remember Me and Deadlight, improves performance in Metro Last Light Faction DLC, fixes Half-Life 2 framerate drops to single digits when Ambient Occlusion is enabled in SLI mode, and removes the black edges that were found in BF3 when MSAA 4x was enabled.
Those interested can download this new beta driverĀ here.
And here are theĀ major fixes that are included in it:
1325830 – [Remember Me]Application crashes on default launch
1330498 – Deadlight crashes when loading a game from the game menu
1329905 – Crashing in Borderlands 2 when you approach a catch a ride station with upgrade to R326.19 driver
1329680 – Metro Last Light Faction DLC exhibits low performance
1316287 – Half-Life 2 framerate drops to single digits when Ambient Occlusion is enabled in SLI mode
1323953 – Resident Evil 5 (DX10) Crashes after some time.
1328621 – Black edges in Battlefield 3 and MSAA 4x is enabled
1265807 – Brightness control stops working after the notebook is docked.
1299035 – [Nero Blu-ray player]Blu-ray playback is slow, with mixed colors, and the player crashes occasionally.
1307001 – [STALKER Clear Sky]: The game does not load during launch and presents a black screen.
1320505 – [Surround][Hitman Absolution, Diablo III, Bioshock Infinite]: With Surround enabled, the mouse cursor is restricted to one of the displays after launching the game.
1326743 – [Surround][Tomb Raider][WOW: Mists of Pandaria]: With Surround enabled, the game minimizes to the desktop after clicking any in-game menu option.
1248846 – [SLI][GeForce GTX TITAN]]FI 2012]: Game performance drops with SLI enabled.
1276491 – The GeForce Experience fails to install.
1309666 – With multiple users signed in, graphics and controls may corrupt upon resume from standby.
1324010 – GeForce Experience crashes (does not launch) when opened on the internal panel.
1318686 – With Surround, SLI performance is similar to single-GPU performance.
1313807 – Memory leak on Optimus platform may result in TDR/BSOD after multiple suspend/resume