Live For Speed Will Get A New Mod That Will Overhaul Its Visuals

Live For Speed
Live For Speed is a great online racing sim game that has managed to create a big fanbase (thanks mainly to its driving and physics mechanics). However, there is no denying that the game looks a bit old-gen for today’s standards. Thankfully though, modder ‘wdowa94’ decided to create a mod that promises to overhaul the game’s visuals.
Modder ‘wdowa94’ announced today that a new version of his mod is under way, and has released a teaser trailer that can be viewed below.
According to the modder, this new version comes with a more realistic vehicle paint and reflection look. LFS Graphic Override 2.2 will feature new shaders, shader multipassing, working Cross Process shaders, realistic HDR, multipass Gamma sharpening, color bleeding, accurate SSAO and SSIL.
LFS Graphic Override 2.2 Teaser