NVIDIA DLSS 2 V3.1.1 & AMD FSR 2 V2.2.0 have been released

NVIDIA and AMD have released new versions of their upscaling techniques, DLSS 2 and FSR 2. These new versions of these techs aim to improve image quality, and provide some QoL improvements.

Going into more details, DLSS 2 V3.1.1 adds the ability to stay up-to-date with the latest DLSS improvements. Moreover, this new version adds the ability to customize DLSS based on different scaling ratios and game content. Not only that, but it updates DLSS Programming Guide for new API additions, packs performance and optimization fixes, and brings stability improvements.

On the other hand, AMD FSR2 V2.2.0 promises to improve on FSR 2 V2.1.2 in multiple ways. According to AMD, this new version increases overall image quality and significantly reduces artifacts, such as high-velocity ghosting and shimmering.

Both NVIDIA DLSS 2 V3.1.1 and AMD FSR 2 V2.2.0 are available for download at GitHub.

In theory, PC gamers can replace the older DLL files to take advantage of these new versions. So, if you experience ghosting or shimmering while using DLSS 2 or FSR 2 in games, you can at least try these new versions!