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NVIDIA and Intel still dominate Steam’s latest Hardware Survey

Valve has shared the latest Steam Hardware & Software Survey. Now our previous coverage for Steam’s Hardware & Software Survey was in December 2020, so it’s really interesting comparing them with these latest results.

As we can see, NVIDIA has managed to increase its market dominance. In December 2020, 73.86% of the survey takers were using an NVIDIA GPU. And as we can see, the green team has managed to increase its dominance by 1.6%.

On the other hand, AMD is steadily increasing its CPU market share. The red team was able to increase its market share by around 1.2%. So, while Intel is still dominating the CPU market, AMD is at least (slowly but steadily) gaining some ground.

Below you can find the full Steam Hardware & Software Survey results.

Steam Hardware Survey March 2021Steam Hardware Survey March 2021-2