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AMD slowly, but steadily, increases its CPU market share on Steam

Valve has shared the latest Steam Hardware & Software Survey, revealing some interesting details about the CPU and GPU markets. According to the survey, 26.9% of Steam users are using an AMD CPU. To put things into perspective, 21.5% of Steam users were using an AMD CPU in November 2016.

Now while things are looking great for the AMD CPUs, things are not as hot as you’d expect when it comes to the AMD GPUs. In November 2016, 23.46% of the Steam-survey takers were using an AMD GPU. However, in 2020, only 16.5% of Steam users are using an AMD GPU. It will be interesting to see whether things will change now that AMD released its new RX6000 series GPUs.

It’s also interesting witnessing the different CPU configurations of the Steam-survey takers. Back in 2016, 45.9% of Steam users used a dual-core system. However, in 2020, that percentage has dropped to 18.1%. On the other hand, quad-core PC systems appear to be in the same percentage. 47.8% of the Steam users used a quad-core in 2016. In 2020, that percentage only dropped to 44.2%. Lastly, the percentage of owners with more than four CPU cores has increased significantly. Back in 2016, that percentage was only 4.5%, and in 2020 it’s 35%.

Below you can find the full Steam Hardware & Software Survey results.

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