Nuclear Dawn, Dead Island, Team Fortress 2 and Renegade Ops Patches Released

Great news for PC gamers as we got new patches for Nuclear Dawn, Team Fortress 2, Dead Island and Renegade Ops. Since a lot of you are interested in these games, we decided to include all of them in one post. As always, these patches will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can find the changelog for Nuclear Dawn and Team Fortress 2 after the jump. Unfortunately though, we do not have a changelog yet for Dead Island and Renegade Ops, although we do know that Renegade Ops now gives you the option to set up the screen resolution.
So, here is the changelog for Nuclear Dawn:
• Added updates to the German localization, including media localization.
General Issues
• Fixed the Exo lockdown third person animation sometimes not playing.
• Fixed the Empire Exo chaingun barrel spin not working.
• Fixed the Consortium Stealth’s left knife sometimes coming out of her hand.
• Fixed an issue with localization of media (radio voices, etc).
• Fixed an issue with advanced kits resetting on new round or team change.
• Fixed hammer crash on oilrig01_sr.vmt
• Fixed over bright metal frames in Oasis
• Improved concrete barrier props.
User Interface
• Fixed a grammar mistake with ‘Use the console…’ commander hint.
• Removed the primary resource player count hint (UI indicator remains)
• Added proximity indicators for grenades and daisycutters.
• Added a HUD element to the blowtorch indicating structure health.
• Added player name on spectate camera.
And here is the changelog for Team Fortress 2:
-Halloween 2011 Event
*Viaduct has been haunted and is now… Eyeaduct!
*One full multi-piece costume set has been added for each class
*Random gifts containing costume pieces drop in Eyeaduct on registered servers
*2 new Halloween 2011 achievements
*Any unusual hats uncrated during the event will be Halloween-themed
*New Halloween-themed items are available in the Mann Co. store, but only for a limited time!
-Updated effects for The Cow Mangler 5000
-Updated in-game abuse reporting tool to include option for reporting abusive game servers
-Added mapcycle_halloween containing all Halloween event maps
-Fixed team colors and styles not updating properly in store previews
-Fixed bug in reputation trend status display for registered servers
-Fixed a problem that could cause repeated stutters after joining a server
-Fixed the Spine-Chilling Skull not appearing when equipped by soldiers
-New Halloween-themed community-created items submitted to the Workshop are now available in the Mann Co. store!