PC gamers, meet Secrets of Grindea; a 16bit JRPG with 4player Co-Op coming to PC in 2012

Now as you all know, I love all those 16bit SNES/Mega-Drive JRPGs. So, PC gamers, meet another promising indie 2D RPG that is coming to our beloved platform. Secrets of Grindea is developed by a three-man team, consisted of Fred Strom, Teddy Sjostrom and Vilya Svensson and looks simply amazing. Damn how I miss those days. The game is slated for a 2012 release and will feature co-op support with up to 4 players. The team has just released a video that that showcases their game and can be viewed bellow. Enjoy!
Secrets of Grindea - Sight Seeing in Startington