Notch further explains why he does not care about Minecraft’s piracy

In a shocking turn of events, Notch revealed yesterday that it’s okay if people pirate Minecraft. As Minecraft’s developer tweeted yesterday, those who can’t afford to pay for Minecraft can go ahead and pirate it. Just wow. But what does this mean? Is Notch encouraging to pirate his game? Apparently not, as he explained later on that he does not exactly approve it, but thinks that ‘it’s a minor offense in the scale of things‘. Notch was also surprised with how the media responded to his views on piracy.
And to be honest, Notch has right. You can’t fight piracy, no matter how you look at it. The best thing you can do is to be honest with your customers and offer them a great experience. And Notch has already accomplished that.
Ironically, Notch’s view on piracy has actually paid off, as lots of gamers who pirated the game went ahead and purchased it.
On the other hand, Notch tweeted a few hours ago that his team ‘seems to be doing ok‘, regardless of Minecraft’s piracy, and that he prefers to focus on those honest people who can afford the game.
Way to go Markus, that’s the spirit. Other developers and publishers, start taking notes. That’s how you earn the trust of your fanbase!