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No Man’s Sky Expeditions Update is 7.5GB, and is available on Steam

It appears that Hello Games has released the Expeditions Update for the PC version of No Man’s Sky. This Update is 7.5GB in size, and is available for download right now on Steam.

According to a leaked changelog, No Man’s Sky Expeditions introduces a brand new game mode. In this mode, gamers can start afresh with a brand new journey across the universe. Each expedition will have its own theme and challenges, and new expeditions will start regularly with each bringing exclusive rewards.

no man's sky expeditions update leak

I’m pretty sure that this patch also comes with a number of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements. My guess is that Hello Games will soon reveal its official release notes, so I’ll be sure to update this story once we get our hands on them.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

No Man's Sky Expeditions Trailer


Hello Games has just revealed the official release notes for No Man’s Sky Expeditions. This patch comes with a significant number of performance and loading optimisations, reducing initial load and warp times, improving texture loading and terrain generation speed, and removing some physics-related stalls that could occur. You can find its complete changelog here.