Nightfire: Reloaded Project Announced; powered by Unreal Engine 3 and coming on PC & Mac

Doney den Ouden and Yoram Boer announced their plans for a remake of EA’s James Bond 007: Nightfire, a game that was originally released on Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Nightfire: Reloaded Project will be powered by the newest version of Unreal Engine 3 and will be – hopefully – released on PC and Mac.
Doney and Yoram are currently gathering a team of hobbyists and enthusiasts who are willing to spent a few hours a week to work on it. Their initial goal is to upgrade the game visuals. Both audio and gameplay mechanics will remain the same, although the team might add a ‘Aim Down Sights’ system and Achievements.
In Nightfire: Reloaded Project, players will take the role of Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Brosnan. Apart from that, there won’t be any significant changes to the game’s Single Player mode. In Multiplayer, players will go against other players worldwide using a matchmaking system. Moreover, players will earn XP, level up, unlock weapon and character skins.
Last but not least, Nightfire: Reloaded Project’s Multiplayer will feature more gamemodes, more maps more playable characters and more options (like weather effects).
Sounds interesting, though we are not sure how Doney and Yoram will be able to gather the team, work on this game, polish it and avoid any C&D messages from Activision. Still, we wish them best of luck and hopefully, we’ll have more news (or images) to share in the near future.