NieR Automata’s 2B comes to Monster Hunter World thanks to this mod

Modder ‘Uhllica’ has released a mod for Monster Hunter World that replaces the main character with 2B from NieR Automata. This mod makes the in-game character model look like 2B, and brings her skirt, mask, leggings and weapons from PlatinumGames’ action title to it.

Surprisingly enough, this is a great recreation. Not only that, but 2B fits perfectly in Monster Hunter World (after all, she was in an action title). Now imagine if someone can replace a monster with Godzilla. Oh boy, now that would be f’ing awesome.

Uhllica has released version 3.3 for this mod, however there are plans for some major adjustments. The modder aims to remodel tops and adjust the body size, add Feathers on elbow, retexture skirts and add a white decoration line, retexture the normal maps for wrinkle, retexture the Diffuse map with BC7 for transparency of stockings and more.

In order to install it, you’ll simply have to extract the file and copy “pl” or “wp” folder to “NativePC” folder under which the game is installed (should be the same folder containing the executable file). Below you can also find the customization options in order to make your character look like 2B.

— Customization—

Hair Styel
Page 1/5 Top-Left hair style change.

Face Mask
Replace Girros Helm or Harvest Helm.

Face Texture
Replace face texture with mole.

Reaver Calamity / Ddevine Slasher / Extermination’s Edge

Armor sets
Replace harvest armor.

Those interested can download the mod from here, and below you can find some screenshots from it.

Have fun!