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Next version of Halo SPV3 will support Ray Tracing for Screen Space Reflections, first screenshots

The team behind the SPV3 total overhaul mod for Halo: Combat Evolved has announced that its next version will support Ray Tracing for Screen Space Reflections. Moreover, the team has released the first screenshots showcasing these ray-traced reflections that you can find below.

According to the team, its lead technical artist has been working with Marty Mcfly to implement these ray-traced reflections. Now from what I understand, the mod will not require the Mcfly’s Reshade in order to work. As such, everyone will be able to enjoy the new Ray Tracing Screen Space Reflections.

As the team noted, this new visual feature lets them have much more realistic reflections throughout the game.

“The reflections are so accurate, you can actually see the light of your energy shields reflecting as it moves on your gun, the reflection of the paints inside the POA reflecting off the side of your gun, and it even allows wet surfaces like the rainy swam of 343 GS to reflect the pelican and the light from its thrusters across the ground.”

Alongside the new Ray Tracing reflections, the next update for SPV3 will bring more visual improvements to the SP mode. For instance, the team will fix the remaining brightness issues and bring some fixes to bugs users have encountered. It will also have some minor other changes, such as changes to the Brute Plasma Pistol. Furthermore, it will fix an error with some incorrectly referenced bitmaps with the sentinel beams, and also improves performance. It may also significantly reduce some particle effects being culled by the game in combat.

Unfortunately, there is no ETA on when this new version of SPV3 will come out. Naturally, we’ll be sure to let you know about it the moment it comes out. Until then, enjoy the following screenshots!