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Halo Custom Edition SPV3 is an incredible total overhaul for Halo PC that is now available to everyone

Back in June 2016 we informed you about Halo Custom Edition SPV3; a total overhaul for the first Halo game on the PC. And we are happy to report that the team has been working on this total overhaul for a whole year and released a brand new version of it.

SPV3 comes with new weapons, enemies, vehicles, areas to explore and levels, as well as easter eggs and skulls which add new twists onto the gameplay.

This new version interpolates the framerate for the game’s physics, meaning that all animations feel smoother than before. In case you weren’t aware of, the original version of Halo CE was running with 60fps but had physics running at 30fps. While the mod does not fix the physics framerate, it does make them “appear” smoother.

The team has introduced a new installer that is 2.1Gb in size and contains the mod and Halo CE. All you have to do is download and run the installer (of course you will need a valid CD key for Halo Combat Evolved).

Those interested can download this total overhaul from here.

In order to celebrate this release, the team has shared a recreation video of Halo’s launch trailer in SPV3 that looks great and will give you an idea of what you can expect from this mod.


SPV3 Cinematic Launch Trailer