Enemies Unity Engine Next-Gen Tech Demo

Next-Gen Unity Engine “Enemies” Tech Demo available for download

Unity Technologies has just released its amazing next-gen tech demo for Unity Engine, called Enemies. As such, everyone can now download this highly advanced tech demo in order to test their PC systems.

Enemies is a cinematic demo showcasing Unity’s latest advancements for rendering high-end digital humans and implementing a strand-based hair solution.

According to Unity Technologies, this tech demo features better 4D pipeline and Skin Attachment system on the GPU to allow for high-density meshes. Furthermore, it has more realistic eyes with caustics on the iris, as well as a new skin shader. Additionally, there is tension tech for blood flow simulation and wrinkle maps, eliminating the need for a facial rig for fine details.

This isn’t the first tech demo that Unity Technologies has released to the public. In January 2020, the team released the full-length version of its The Heretic tech demo. In March 2019 we go the Unity Engine Megacity tech demo. And in 2018 we got the Unity Engine ADAM Tech Demo.

You can download the demo from here. Below you can also find a video that showcases it in action.


Enemies – real-time cinematic teaser | Unity