Unity releases the full length version of its The Heretic tech demo, showing what is possible in Unity Engine

Back in March, we shared a video from a new tech demo for Unity Engine. And today, Unity Technologies released its full length version, showing what game developers can currently achieve in Unity Engine.

The Heretic uses Unity 2019.3 and pushed Unity’s graphics features to the limit. This demo includes every possible aspect of the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) with the integrated Post-Processing stack, and the Visual Effect Graph.

The Heretic Tech Demo also takes advantage of motion blur, bloom, depth of field, film grain, color grading, and Panini projection. Furthermore, it packs real-time lights and uses a probe-based lighting solution.

Unfortunately, this tech demo is not yet available for download. Still, we might see a download-able version in the near future. After all, Unity has released all of its previous tech demos to the public.


The Heretic short film | Unity