New Mass Effect Artwork

Next-Gen Dragon Age and Mass Effect won’t be present at EA Play 2021

Bioware has confirmed that its next-gen Dragon Age and Mass Effect games won’t be present at EA Play. Thus, don’t expect to see anything about these two projects in this upcoming event. This will obviously disappoint its fans but it’s at least good setting expectations before the show begins.

As Bioware stated:

no Dragon Age and Mass Effect 4 at EA Play

From what we know so far, this new Dragon Age won’t have any multiplayer, and will be single-player only. And although we don’t what engine it uses, we can assume that it’s Frostbite Engine.

Similarly, we don’t have enough info about the next-gen Mass Effect game. All we have right now is a teaser trailer and nothing more.

In short, don’t expect to be playing these two games anytime soon!